Zero Emission Fuels

We make zero emission methanol from sunlight and air. In order to succeed we combine several fields


1. CO2 Direct Air Capture

The Direct Air Capture team is responsible for obtaining sufficient quantities of CO2 (and water) for the rest of the process.
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2. Alkaline Electrolysis

The main function of the Alkaline Electrolysis Cell is to split water (which is co-captured with CO2 from the air) into hydrogen and oxygen.
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3. Compression

Several subsystems contain fluid handling machinery: pumps, compressors, valves etc. These components require special care, as they are not (all) available on the scale of the plant, without modification.
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4. Methanol synthesis

The methanol synthesis unit is a small scale Lurgi process and its main function is to convert the H2 and CO2 input to a mixture of methanol and water.
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5. Distillation

After the CO2 and H2 have reacted in the methanol synthesis reactor a mixture of methanol and water remains. This liquid-liquid mixture needs to be separated by using distillation.
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