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Xiao Zheng (Black & White)


TU Delft, Material Science Engineering

For her graduation project Xiao researched the feasibility of using certain materials within the system. The scope included designing and building an experimental setup, performing experiments and data analysis.

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Thijs Jonkman


Haagse Hogeschool, Mechanical Engineering

During his internship Thijs built several experimental setups needed for performing experiments in the field of alkaline electrolysis. In addition he laid the groundwork for the alkaline electrolysis high pressure testing facility.

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TU Delft, Industrial Design

During his time at ZEF David worked on the integration of all the different subsystems into one product. In addition to this he investigated the optimization of the system size. David showed the value of having an industrial designers involved in the design of a process system.

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Nuria Serrano Barthe (Black & White)


TU Delft, Process & Energy Engineering

For her graduation project Nuria worked on the characterization of sorbent materials for absorption of CO2 from the air. She worked with analytical equipment in the lab for the characterization and also delivered a model.

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Educational institutions

Over the years we've worked with 150+ students from various educational institutions ranging from vocational to university level both from the Netherlands and abroad.

This is what you can work on!

We capture and convert CO2 into valuable products while working with talented students doing meaningful projects. Check out the video to learn more!

The micro-plant & solar methanol farms

We develop a fully automated, modular, air to methanol micro-plant which will be connected directly to a solar panel. Scale will be obtained by building solar methanol farms: methanol production facilities consisting of large numbers (40.000+) of micro-plants and solar panels. Because of the modularity solar methanols farms can easily be scaled to any size: number up through mass production.

Possible topics

ZEF combines multiple technologies into one low cost unit. These are also the topics you can work on during you internship or graduation project.


Direct Air Capture

CO2 and H2O are co-captured from the air. ZEF is working on a unique concept which has the potential to drastically reduce the cost of CO2 air capture.


Alkaline Electrolysis

H2O is split into H2 and O2 using an alkaline electrolysis cell. ZEF is looking into smart mass manufacturing concepts in order to reduce costs.


Methanol Synthesis

CO2 and H2 are fed into a methanol synthesis reactor and react to methanol and H2O. The ZEF reactor allows for energy efficient conversion.



The mix of methanol and water needs to be separated in order to obtain pure methanol. ZEF is working on concepts for efficient distillation.



One of the key support systems it the compression of H20 and CO2 to a pressure of 50 bar. ZEF currently develops solutions for this.

Meaningful projects in an inspiring environment

ZEF is located at the heart of the TU Delft campus (Process & Energy lab) and collaborates with world class experts from TU Delft, TNO and industry to reach the development targets. The ZEF student team plays an important role in reaching these targets by executing meaningful projects as part of their internship or graduation.

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Initial contact

Every internship is different and each educational institution requires a different approach. That’s why we start with an assesment of your background to see if there could be a match. It starts with sending us some info (like your CV, starting periode, etc).



After the initial assessment of the info you sent we start with the actual application stage where we plan interviews. In these interviews we discuss your application and give you additional info about ZEF and some specific assignments. If the meetings are positive we can go to the final stage.



If it’s a match it’s time to arrange all the formalities. In this stage we make sure that you have a project description which is approved by your educational institution and we make sure that everything is ready so that you have a great start at ZEF!