Students' Experiences

Xiao Zheng (Black & White)


Xiao shares her experience as part of The Direct Air Capture team, which is responsible for obtaining sufficient quantities of CO2 (and water) for the rest of the process.
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Thijs Jonkman


During his internship Thijs built several experimental setups needed for performing experiments in the field of alkaline electrolysis. In addition he laid the groundwork for the alkaline electrolysis high pressure testing facility.
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David van Nunen (Black & White)


During his time at ZEF David worked on the integration of all the different subsystems into one product. In addition to this he investigated the optimization of the system size. David showed the value of having an industrial designers involved in the design of a process system.
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Nuria Serrano Barthe (Black & White)


For her graduation project Nuria worked on the characterization of sorbent materials for absorption of CO2 from the air. She worked with analytical equipment in the lab for the characterization and also delivered a model.
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