David van Nunen

David van Nunen (Black & White)
During his time at ZEF David worked on the integration of all the different subsystems into one product. In addition to this he investigated the optimization of the system size. David showed the value of having an industrial designers involved in the design of a process system.

Key Questions:

  1. How did you hear about ZEF and the project you worked on?

Ulrich found my profile on LinkedIn, approached me by mail and introduced me to ZEF. By then I had other plans and I stated that I would search for a graduation project in about one year. One year later Ulrich got back to me, we met and defined a project together.

  1. Do you feel that your time at ZEF has contributed to your studies and to your work experience? In what ways?

Definitely, I still think that my project at ZEF was the most interesting one of my studies. This project offered me the chance to gain experience in working as a designer on a high tech product in a multidisciplinary team. Next to this, I thoroughly enjoyed the talks with the ZEF entrepreneurs and I still use the insights gained from this project in my daily work and conversations.

  1. What was the social atmosphere at ZEF like? Do any social activities take place during the project?

There was an ambitious atmosphere with a can-do-it mentality. I enjoyed the daily start-ups of the day, I think this formed the basis of the team building. I occasionally joined Friday drinks (most of the time I was occupied with sports).

  1. Do you feel that you got to express your ideas, experience, skills, and creativity during your time at ZEF?

Yes, I experienced an open and inviting atmosphere for my ideas and approach.

  1. Do you feel that you were trusted to work independently on your tasks and that you were given enough responsibilities?

During my graduation project at ZEF I was my own project leader and I was well able to work independently. I felt supported in my approach by the ZEF team.

  1. Was your time at ZEF what you imagined and hoped it would be?

My time at ZEF was better than I expected. Working at ZEF offered me many insights that went beyond my university program. This project helped me to position myself as a designer.

  1. What did you think about ZEF, and the overall idea/venture of the company?

I think that ZEF is a very inspiring company that is driven to work towards a sustainable future.

When I got to know ZEF it seemed strange to me that a commercial company had ten times more interns than professionals. Yet, after understanding the nature of the project my view changed towards admiration on how ZEF works on a highly complex challenge with minimal resources.

  1. What are you up to nowadays?

After my graduation I became a product designer at the toy development company ‘Visiodan’ in Copenhagen (Denmark). There I worked on the full spectrum of design engineering, from first ideation to prototyping, to mass production. Now, I’m back in the Netherlands and I work from home for Visiodan, meanwhile I’m searching for a new opportunity in the Netherlands in the field of sustainable design.

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