Learning Opportunities

These are some of the software packages and tools you can learn to work with at ZEF (depending on your assignment).

Fusion 360

We work with Fusion 360 for CAD modeling.

COCO Simulator

We use COCO Simulator for modelling steady state processes.


We use Python for making mathematical models.

Workspace Skills

Depending on your topic you can learn to work with a turning and milling machine.

3D Printing

We have Ultimaker 3D printers which you can learn to work with.


We provide an electronics workshop where you can learn how to work with Arduino.


You will also learn how and where to find the best components for building your experimental setup.

Lab Equipment

We work with different types of lab equipment to do analysis. Examples: climate chambers, Karl Fisher titration, fumehoods, gas chromatography.

Join us!

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Initial contact

Every internship is different and each educational institution requires a different approach. That’s why we start with an assesment of your background to see if there could be a match. It starts with sending us some info (like your CV, starting periode, etc).



After the initial assessment of the info you sent we start with the actual application stage where we plan interviews. In these interviews we discuss your application and give you additional info about ZEF and some specific assignments. If the meetings are positive we can go to the final stage.



If it’s a match it’s time to arrange all the formalities. In this stage we make sure that you have a project description which is approved by your educational institution and we make sure that everything is ready so that you have a great start at ZEF!