Tuntai Fong (Black & White)

Key Questions:

  1. How did you hear about ZEF and the project you worked on?

Every year there is an “internship market”. So, my friend told me to go over there because he had an interesting project. I went over there, and it really was an interesting project. The project was assigned to me. I did not choose it but I had the chance to choose.

  1. Do you feel that your time at ZEF has contributed to your studies and to your work experience? In what ways?

It did not contribute to my studies a lot but to my work experience a lot. I did not know what it was to work in a chemical field. I have more knowledge about certain things.

  1. What was the social atmosphere at ZEF like? Do any social activities take place during the project?

The social atmosphere was amazing. I really enjoyed the working there. Everyone is friendly and if you had a problem they come immediately.

  1. Do you feel that you got to express your ideas, experience, skills, and creativity during your time at ZEF?

I did not get to express my ideas and creativity. That was a bummer because I would love to express my creativity.

  1. Do you feel that you were trusted to work independently on your tasks and that you were given enough responsibilities?

Yeah, totally! They were first skeptical with me being alone at the PAC model because it’s a dangerous model. But showing them the results that I have obtained, they eventually trusted me with the model.

  1. Was your time at ZEF what you imagined and hoped it would be?

A fun working space with a lot of learning experiences.

  1. What did you think about ZEF, and the overall idea/venture of the company?

ZEF is doing a great job thinking about the CO2 emission.

  1. What are you up to nowadays?

Nothing really much. Trying to get my school work done and hoping to get graduated next year

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